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Default Rendering >Embedding Pinboard
Embedding Pinboard
This sample describes how to embed a Pinboard into your application using the pinboard name through JavaScript API method.
Add Existing Pinboard
Create Pinboard

The Select Dashboard listing displays the dashboard list to choose one and render the widgets in Widgets items.

The Widgets listing displays all the widgets in the selected dashboard.

The Selected Widgets listing displays all the selected widgets in any dashboard to create the pinboard.

To explore this sample, select a dashboard from the dashboard listing. The Widgets list shows the widgets based on the corresponding values from the selected dashboard. Then, the Selected Widgets will show the selected widgets from the Widgets list. Then, click Add Existing Pinboard. Now, the selected widgets get loaded with the existing pinboard. If you click the Create Pinboard, a new pinboard will be rendere with the selected widgets.