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Embedding Widget
This sample describes how to embed a particular widget from a Bold BI dashboard into your application using JavaScript API method.
How can you explore?
Select widget name from Select Widget dropdown to allow selected widget to appears in Widget Title.Click Add widget to dashboard to allow the widget to be rendered in viewer section.
Add widget to dashboard

Code snippet that enables this functionality.

    function renderWidget() {
        var boldbiEmbedInstance = BoldBI.create({
            serverUrl: rootUrl + siteIdentifier,
            dashboardPath: path,
            embedContainerId: "dashboard-container",// This should be the container id where you want to embed the dashboard
            embedType: BoldBI.EmbedType.Component,
            environment: BoldBI.Environment.Enterprise, // If Cloud, you should use BoldBI.Environment.Cloud
            height: "800px",
            width: "1200px",
            authorizationServer: {
                url: "http://localhost:8080/embeddetail/get"
            expirationTime: "100000",