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Row-level Security > Custom-Attribute
Custom Attribute
This sample describes the Filtering that can be applied at embedded dashboard level through the custom attribute filter functionality with JavaScript APIs.
How can you explore?
To explore the sample functionality, choose a user and click Switch User to see what department records the concerned user has in the dashboard. The Note section describes the department detail, the selected user has access to.

Admin can see below Sectors data.

This Admin has user no attribute - NA

This Admin contains group level and site level attributes by hierarchy it will take group level attributes Values are listed below,

  • Industrial
  • Residential

Group 1 can see below Sectors data.

  • Industrial
  • Residential

Site 1 can see below Sectors data.

  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Traffic

User listing shows the list of users who have access to the current dashboard but different rows of data.

User level attribute have the following.

1). Attributes Inherited from site level.

2). Attributes Inherited from Group level if you add user in that Group.

3). Attributes created within the user level.

If one user contains all the mentioned attributes, then the group and site levels attribute can be override in the user level.

If a user contain only group and site level attributes means the site level is override in the user level.

Custom attribute hierarchy contains user level, group level, and site level.